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Instagram Stories Carousel Ads: Michael Kors

This case study was originally published via Facebook. Code3 is proud to be an agency partner for Michael Kors.


return on ad spend versus other formats

8 pt

lift in ad recall versus other ad formats


click-through rate versus other formats


cost-per-click versus other ad formats


Michael Kors had a goal to expand its audience, drive net-new customers, and increase awareness of its Michael Kors Access smartwatches. The client wanted to design an innovative campaign to narrow in on tech- and social-savvy shoppers. That's where Code3 came in as a Facebook Marketing Partner. The first step was to beta-test a then-new carousel format for ads in Instagram Stories.


Carousel ads allow advertisers a generous amount of real estate to communicate the brand's story and showcase a product. Code3 created a 3-card video carousel ad within Instagram Stories featuring a woman on the go. On-screen messaging was clear, concise, and included a call-to-action that directed users to the Michael Kors website. Ads were targeted to women in the US aged 18 and over. A lookalike audience was also created and leveraged based on the characteristics of current customers. The campaign resulted in the impressive results shown above.

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