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Code3 helps leading brands find, reach, and engage customers, anywhere in the world, on every digital platform. In a marketplace that never stops changing, our capabilities keep evolving. We started life as a specialist social media buying agency. Then we added media planning, data and analytics, creative, production and most recently, expertise on the commerce platforms.

But whatever we do, we constantly strive to push the limits for our clients — improving performance, delivering staggering ROMI / ROAS, and dramatically impacting their bottom line.

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We work with the global brands we all know and love, and with the brands about to become global brands we all know and love. Whatever their differences, they all understand digital marketing can accelerate their growth. And they call on Code3 to make it a reality, often starting small, and increasing investment as they build success.

We also partner with the world’s leading digital platforms — both social and commercial.

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We were industry innovators before there was an industry. As an original Facebook media partner, we have more digital consumption/behavior data, so we can plan and predict like no other company.

Since then we’ve built a history breaking category conventions and performance records. We’re proud of our legacy, but it’s the future that excites us. We recently relaunched as Code3 in order to stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients with the intelligence they require at the intersection of media, creative and commerce.

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