The Challenge

Winning in a Highly Saturated, Competitive Market

A brand in the competitive Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements category, partnered with Code3 to drive brand awareness, reinforce brand engagement and drive sales growth across multiple channels. Coders were challenged with identifying and activating the best media mix within a highly saturated, competitive and growing market.

The Action

An Evolving Strategy Delivers Wins

As the category evolves and consumer behavior changes, Coders are quick to evolve strategies to match. We have unlocked several media opportunities and maintained a strong POV and activation of test and learns, always being nimble with strategy based on learnings. Most recently, we restructured our funnel allocation approach to drive brand awareness and reinforce brand engagement. Additionally, we expanded our placement mix within Video & Social to align with consumer behaviors and messaging for higher receptivity.

Services Performed

paid search

paid social




Increase in Impressions YoY


Increase in Total eCommerce Sales YoY

The Win

The cross-collaborative, always evolving strategy paid off with big wins across a variety of channels, resulting in an increase in total eCommerce sales.

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