The Challenge

Keeping Profitability Top of Mind

Amidst the competitive landscape of Q4, the brand was struggling to scale profitable returns. Code3 conducted a thorough strategy audit which uncovered many inefficiencies hindering the brand’s growth across search & social channels. Cluttered campaign strategies, overlapping audience targeting, and social ads missing value props meant the brand was bidding against itself and not expanding its customer acquisition.

The Action

Revamped Strategy Delivers Wins

Code3 partnered with the brand, implementing a revamped strategy that involved restructuring campaigns, introducing new audience tactics, expanding platforms, and utilizing upper funnel tactics to boost demand. Code3 identified untapped non-endemic target audiences and tailored ad messaging to resonate with each group, driving acquisition success during a competitive season. Furthermore, Code3’s recommendations steered the brand’s creative strategy and asset development, positioning them to optimize marketing efforts for future growth.

Services Performed

paid search

paid social




Increase in purchases YoY


Increase in revenue YoY


Increase in conversion rate

The Win

A comprehensive strategy overhaul resulted in an instant boost in ROAS and revenue for the brand. By expanding upper funnel channels strategically in Q4, engagement among relevant users rose. Simultaneously, scaling prospecting and retention tactics with customized creatives resulted in a significant uptick in conversion rates on the brand’s DTC website.

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