The Challenge

Leveraging an Amazon Storefront to Support Advertising Strategy

With several upcoming movie releases during the summer blockbuster season and a Sponsored Brand campaigns advertising strategy, Code3 was challenged to update the shopper experience to help shoppers down the funnel to convert.

The Action

Refreshing Creative to Move Consumers Down the Funnel

Code3 Creative Strategists refreshed several storefronts, including wireframes, creative and merchandising ahead of upcoming big movie releases. This included restructuring the layouts to better accommodate the consumer purchasing journey, creating a more cohesive look and feel, and continuously refreshing ASINs with up-to-date merchandise. These refreshes were accompanied by the search team’s efforts, and resulted in a fresh, engaging shopping experience that led to increased conversions.

Services Performed


sponsored ads





sales increase for a popular children’s movie


ROAS increase for a popular children’s movie


sales increase for a prime time movie


ROAS increase for a prime time movie


sales increase for another children’s movie


ROAS increase for another popular children’s movie

The Win

When pairing the updated Storefront with a robust Sponsored Ads strategy, Paramount won at the box office (of Amazon!) All stats are comparing pre- and post-store updates.

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