The Challenge

Getting a Step Ahead of the Competition

Our client, a leading player in the footwear industry, owns three well-known softline and shoe brands. Despite a strong market presence, they found themselves grappling with conservative results from their DSP only-strategy. They need to elevate their market presence in a saturated and competitive category and increase sales in the shoe, handbag and men’s footwear categories. Additionally, the client challenged us with increasing spend while meeting lofty sales goals.

The Action

Implementing Highly Targeted Campaigns

Code3 Strategists began our partnership with an in-depth analysis of the client’s existing strategy, identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement. After identifying opportunities, we launched into quick action, executing a multi-faceted approach encompassing digital marketing, user experience optimization and data-driven decision making.

Our team implemented highly targeted marketing campaigns, focusing on key demographics and consumer behaviors within the saturated footwear market. Continuous monitoring and analysis of user data allowed us to make real-time optimizations, ensuring maximum ROI and adapting to market trends.

Services Performed

Paid Search



increase in SCOGS YoY


increase in ROAS YoY


increase YoY in ad-driven revenue


increase YoY in revenue

The Win

Our strategic advertising strategy resulted in significant YoY growth, but the impact goes far beyond just ads. We also achieved a YoY increase in total revenue, encompassing both advertising and organic growth. This demonstrates the success of our holistic approach that not only amplifies ad performance but also strengthens the client’s overall brand presence on Amazon.

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