The Action

A Nimble Strategy

To begin, Code3 Creative Strategists created a mix of creative developed specifically for each placement and ad type, while staying true to the brand positioning. Additionally, Code3 provided influencer services to secure influencers that provide reach, engagement and strong creative to also leverage in paid campaigns.

With the creative assets that Code3 Search Strategists launched an upper funnel-focused campaign right out the gate with the use of Amazon DSP, Amazon OLV and Meta campaigns to drive awareness and consideration for the new line of energy juices. Additionally, to support Amazon and influencer campaigns, Creative Strategists were able to create an Evolution Fresh Amazon Brand Store for efficient tracking of purchases made through our influencer content.

Midway through the campaign, the client’s goals and expectations dramatically changed from brand awareness and consideration to a low funnel strategy to generate more purchases and ultimately a more sustainable return. With understanding of what works best to pivot our focus from upper funnel to lower funnel, the team was able to re-strategize where ad dollars should go to promote a more profitable return. This included negating any audiences that were less resonating with the campaign at the beginning and shifting our focus towards consistently profitable audiences that best resonated with Evolution Fresh and their new product line.


Sales increase YoY across Amazon DSP and Search


Increase in in-store Whole Foods share of sales


purchase rate of shoppers w/ multiple ad exposures


DPVR rate of shoppers with multiple ad exposures

The Win

Evolution Fresh saw increased sales across Amazon DSP and Search, and an increase in share within the brick and mortar Whole Foods.

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