The Challenge

Revamping Strategy for Highly Competitive Categories

With ad spend and products across three different highly competitive categories on Amazon and a brand defense advertising strategy, eos was not seeing success. Competition with products across just one category were beating them out with larger spend. They partnered with Code3 with a goal of revamping their strategy to increase their share of voice on Amazon while also increasing new-to-brand sales.

The Action

A Focus on Share of Voice

Code3 Search Strategists shifted the Amazon advertising focus from brand defense to focusing on share of voice in key categories. The strategic shift included innovative and data-driven approaches for the brand such as building out campaigns focusing on nonbrand keywords, category targeting and competitor ASIN targeting. 

Services Performed




ROAS increase


increase in purchases

The Win

The updated approach resulted in tangible results and reinforced eos’ position on the competitive marketplace.

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