The Challenge

Navigating the Waters After a Recall

After the recall, the brand was dealing with negative brand sentiment and comments on social media. Brand safety, improving brand sentiment and reengaging with followers across all organic social media channels was top priority.

The Action

A Move-Forward Strategy

Code3 moved at the speed of social, focusing on the solution-focused partnership, becoming masters of the brand and generating quality content that was on trend without causing concern. Our team provided POVs, recommendations, post concepts and execution for 17x assets a month to use across all social channels. Additionally, we took on community management, monitoring comments, providing swift responses to negative and positive comments and flagging concerns as needed.


Increase in engagement MoM


New followers on Instagram


increase in impressions MoM

The Win

Our approach resulted in a refreshed and revived social media presence, with new followers, increased engagement and overall positive sentiment.

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