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Starkist Co.


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Starkist Co. is a food manufacturer focused on offering healthy, shelf-stable products to the U.S. market. Code3 (formerly Marketplace Strategy) partners with Starkist Co. to run a custom program on Amazon using a holistic approach. Here we share notable highlights from our partnership. 

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We work closely with Code3 to align our overall brand strategy and goals with Amazon. Code3 provides clear, strategic direction on how to accelerate our growth. We’re in constant communication and work together to make in-flight optimizations that help us achieve our aggressive growth goals.

Starkist Co.


At the beginning of the partnership, Code3 addressed all aspects of Starkist's Amazon presence. As a result, in 2019, StarKist saw a 97% increase in the Shipped Cost of Goods Sold (SCOGS) year over year. StarKist also saw an 86% increase in shipped units year over year (2019 vs. 2018). The final quarter of 2019 was particularly successful, reflecting a 120% increase in shipped units for Q4 year over year. Next, purchase orders increased by 86% year over year. This was made possible through a robust advertising strategy and StarKist’s ability to successfully manage demand, inventory levels, and a fill rate of 98.5%. After seeing immediate success, StarKist increased advertising spend. A larger budget allowed Code3 to strategically allocate spend and optimize campaigns to drive a 29% increase in ad-attributed sales year over year. Advertising strategists scaled spend to maintain RoAS and refined campaigns to be more efficient and reach customers throughout the entire funnel. In addition, the creative team at Code3 updated StarKist’s store (and several sub-brand stores) to appear more modern and intuitive to offer a better customer experience. This involved updating fonts, images, and navigation. Code3 used historical performance and consumer behavior data to implement changes and increase conversions. From a technical standpoint, strategists applied a keyword strategy designed to yield high search volume and profitability.

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