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The Publishing Category’s Potential on Amazon


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In March 2019, a specialty book publisher that sells bibles, children's books, fiction, and nonfiction titles began a partnership with Code3 (formerly Marketplace Strategy). Code3 works in conjunction with the client’s internal team across both the bibles and books divisions of the company. Together, the client and Code3 established goals to increase sales and gain market share. In fact, performance for two of the bibles series was especially impressive. Moving forward, the client and Code3 will prioritize bible series and new launches on the book side of the business. In addition, Code3 will work to reform advertising strategies and identify ‘quick win’ opportunities to improve the client’s Amazon presence across the channel.  


Within the first year of partnership, Code3 advertising strategists created and deployed 1,049 Amazon Advertising Campaigns. These campaigns drove more than $250,000 in ad-attributed sales; the company’s highest-grossing month of 2019. When Code3 took ownership of the client's search and programmatic advertising, campaigns drove the greatest number of ad clicks within a single month for the year. This was a 66% increase compared to the strongest number recorded in 2019.

Code3 uncovered technical issues that were potentially negatively affecting sales. For example, cases were found in which the client’s products were mapping to the incorrect store. Having a proactive presence allowed for the client and Code3 to identify and correct inconsistencies.

It was a priority for Code3 to scale the client’s content and creative presence. Doing so established a foundation for successful advertising strategies by increasing confidence in product conversion. Strategists worked on the client’s major bible series and other priority titles that totaled more than 95 ASINs.

Amazon automatically creates a new listing for new editions of books; there isn't a way to merge new and old editions. As a result, these products often lose crucial sales velocity. To overcome this, Code3 updated copy and creative assets to position new editions of the client's books and bibles for success.

Technical analysts performed keyword research and worked with the client’s internal team to leverage a unique strategy. Concurrently, an audit was completed and 50 duplicate listings were then identified and merged, helping to simplify the customer experience. ‘New Edition’ buttons were also added to all applicable books and bibles. For other applicable titles, analysts reformatted listings from textbook to a tradebook format. This required working with Amazon support and resulted in better visuals and overall presentation.

In March 2019, Code3 took ownership of the client’s search advertising efforts and placed a focus on top-selling titles. Strategies accommodated a new product launch and 262 campaigns covering 104 ASINs.

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