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ROAS within first two days of campaign


ROAS after completion of 11-day campaign


Revenue within 2 days and $700 in spend


The Miami HEAT created a special “city edition” basketball jersey as part of a larger NBA organization-wide apparel promotion. The jersey had a city-focused theme that was weaved into the team’s wider marketing strategy across digital and traditional channels. The team came to Code3 to help get the jersey in the hands of fans.


Code3 found opportunities to reach new customers by creating lookalike audiences designed to reach recent purchasers of similar merchandise. To retarget customers, we tapped into audiences that already viewed The Miami HEAT's Facebook video content associated with this marketing push. Finally, the Code3 team also leveraged cross-selling opportunities to reach online ticket purchasers. The jerseys went on sale at midnight and were completely sold out within one hour.

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