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Earning More Share of Search on Amazon


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The client featured in this case study encompasses subsidiaries that compete in the Books and Toys & Games categories on Amazon. In partnership with Code3 (formerly Marketplace Strategy), the client began to work toward the goals of earning more share of search on Amazon and optimizing back-list titles to jumpstart the flywheel effect. After a successful start, Code3 and the client continue to place focus on non-branded advertising efforts, back-listing publishing titles, and gaining a greater share of voice.

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Working with Code3 has helped to evolve and mature the way we sell gifts on Amazon. Our partnership with Code3 has allowed our brand to not only reach goals but surpass them.


Creative strategists at Code3 focused on educating the client of Amazon-specific best practices. From there, strategists created templates that would allow the client’s internal teams to scale by optimizing product pages and other content elements using their own resources. In addition, optimizing product titles was a priority. Time was initially dedicated to researching new relevant keywords. Code3 revised copy for more than 750 ASINs within the first year of the partnership. Code3 technical analysts were able to merge more than 25 duplicate listings. Variation strategy and third-party monitoring are a focus to ensure the client’s distribution is clean and provides a positive customer experience. Code3 technical analysts also used an array of proprietary and third-party tools to perform extensive research to prioritize existing and uncover new keywords. Collectively, advertising teams sustained a 10:1 return on ad spend throughout the year. In conjunction with a positive return, Code3 also increased the client’s ad-attributed sales by more than 640%Success was driven by an increased focus on non-branded efforts. More non-brand efforts allowed the client’s products to better compete at the category level.

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